How to Start Fishing step-by-step Guide

1.   Getting Started

First thing first, in the beginning, you will need a graphite pole, cane or fiberglass. The graphite pole can be bought from local fishing shops near docks. The price of these things should not be much higher but can be bought cheaply.

2.   Bait

The fishing can’t be done without a bait as you will have to attract the fish to your pole. At first, you will have to buy baits such as red worms to catch a fish. The red worms can be found easily underwood stumps and wood log.

3.   Fishing License

You cannot fish until you have a fishing license. The fishing license is different for each country and depending on the area you want to fish. The fishing license is expensive but can be obtained from natural fishing departments. They are about 30-40$ and even double for foreigners. The fishing license is the one that a person must have to do fishing.

4.   Fishing Line

The fishing rod must have a short hook as it increases the chance of catching a fish. If you have a short pole you must look for a large gauge. This means the smaller the hook more chance to catch a fish in the surrounding area.

5.   Choosing the Bait

As everyone knows that water life depends on insects and small creatures. The bait you are choosing must be alive that then the fish can attract attraction towards the bait which can be turned out to be a very reasonable result. Some popular baits for fishing Red worms, Fish eggs and fresh meat.

6.   Match Hook to Bait

Now, as you ready to catch a fish you must assign your bait of fish an applicable hook. This can be available in many sizes. At first, if you want to tie the bait to the hook you must tie it to the opposite end with the help of a knot and then you are ready to go.

7.   Catching the Fish

The pole trembles and you should not panic, what you should do is get the pole above your head and start scrolling down the gauge. As you get the fish out of water raise the hook up gently. Point it towards up and the fish comes up to you.

8.   Fish Storage

The fish has now been caught only the problem remains where to keep it? A bucket can be used to keep fish, but you can also use a net to keep trapped the fish. Now simply throw the fish in the buck and repeat fishing.

Outdoor Activities for Kids

It’s important for kids to get the necessary amount of outdoor activity to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The only problem as a parent is finding the right outdoor activity that will keep your kid having fun and staying entertained.

That’s why we put together a small list of outdoor activities that are not only fun for kids, but provide several health benefits as well.

Outdoor Movie Night

Who needs the movie theater when you can watch your favorite movies right in your own backyard?

An outdoor movie is a perfect activity for kids. This might require a small do-it-yourself project to set up your screen, but a few strings and a white cloth sheet is all it takes to create the big screen. Oh yeah, you’ll also need a projector, so assuming you can use a computer and know how to pull out your credit card, you can find an affordable projector on amazon.

Make it the ultimate experience by having dinner and a movie. Throw some blankets on the ground and enjoy a meal while watching a kid favorite. And for dessert? There’s nothing better than S’mores!


Swimming is a great activity for young children to participate in because it is loads of fun and is great for building strength and endurance. You can make this outdoor activity even more fun by including water toys and floats to play with while in the water.

Swimming also builds strength and endurance for young children, which is something they need as they continue to grow and mature. It’s a great exercise that builds strong joints and muscles from the resistance of swimming in the water.

No pool, no problem! You may live in a city that has a public pool which offers even more water activities. If you’re not in one of those cities, then check out your nearby YMCA for a place to keep your kids entertained in the water.

Local Parks

A quick google search of local parks will give you plenty of options to go with your kids for outdoor family fun. Majority of parks have plenty of open grass for throwing the ball, frisbee, or playing a game of touch football. Most parks also have some sort of playground with different obstacles and swing sets that will keep children entertained for hours.

Fun outdoor activities don’t always have to have the biggest and best infrastructure. Sometimes all you need is a large enough space and a few swings to enjoy your time outside.

Bike Rides

Going for a bike ride is a simple, yet fun outdoor activity that the whole family can experience. Whether you go off road or keep to the streets, this is a fun activity mixed in with a bit of exercise.

Instead of using your car to get from one place to another, get out the bikes instead and take a trip on two wheels with the kids. Ride together to get a bike to eat, or better yet, ride to the park for a picnic! Bike rides are something every kid loves, and this is a great bonding opportunity for parents and their children.

Play All Season

Whether you live in the midwest and just got another foot of snow, or you’re on the coast and the beach is within walking distance, it’s important to find outdoor activities no matter what season it is.

If you live where it snows, then find fun outdoor activities that you can enjoy with your kids in the snow. Go sledding, skiing, or have a snowball fight right in your own backyard. Just because it’s cold out, doesn’t mean that you stop playing. Dress appropriately and embrace the fun activities that come with such cold climates.

Is the beach walking distance or just a few extra miles from where you live? If so, then rally the kids, beach balls, and sand castle buckets and make a trip to the ocean for a day of beach activities. Here is where you can literally spend hours without even knowing it. Just make sure you reapply the sun screen!

The most important thing about finding the right outdoor activities for kids is to just get outside!

Outdoor Recreation and How Can You Benefit From It

Are you the kind of person who loves to stay inside your home? Are you not the outgoing type? If yes is the answer to all these questions, then this article is for you. Don’t you know that spending some time outdoor have a positive effect on your body and overall well-being? Below are some of the reasons why you should consider outdoor recreation.

·         It will improve your physique – Outdoor recreation demands physical efforts and the degree of physical activity varies depending on what type of recreational activity you engage in. some go for a simple walk while others climb mountains, go fishing, and canoeing. Such activities demand the use of various muscle groups, which will surely improve your physique in the long run. Outdoor recreational activities are fun and entertaining. So, you don’t feel like exercising at all.

·         It is a perfect opportunity to engage with others – Outdoor recreational activities is the perfect opportunity for friends to bond with each other. It also gives an opportunity to meet new people and gain new friends.

·         It is the best time to go unplug from the daily activities – We are living in a computer world. Technology is all around us. We all living with all the comfort technology brings. However, sometimes, it is best to go back to rural life. Outdoor recreational activities such as camping, climbing mountains, or just spending some time at the beach can help you breathe fresh air. It gives you the opportunity to go unplug and reset. Modern lifestyle is extremely stressful. Going unplug at least once a month helps reduce stress and anxiety.

·         It helps improve your mental ability, concentration, and sleep – Spending some time outside can make you feel tired and exhausted but in a good way. If you are having trouble sleeping at night, then try on some outdoor recreational activities. It will help you sleep better at night. Since you are getting a good night sleep, you will wake up the following morning feeling rejuvenated. You will be prepared to focus the next day. You will be more productive at work.

·         Learn new hobbies – Outdoor recreational activities will help you discover and learn something more about yourself. You probably have seen yourself as someone who is introvert but as you join outdoor recreational activities, you learn to love going out. You might don’t want long walks but after climbing mountains, you realized that it is a worthwhile activity. Such a realization will not take place if you limit yourself and put yourself inside the box. Go out and have fun and you will soon be learning new hobbies which will make you an even better person.

Outdoor recreational activities are designed to help you have fun and discover more about the environment around you and most importantly discover more about yourself. Head on to a new adventure at least once a month. It will not only be good for your body but for your soul too.